About Us

Hey there! You must be wondering who exactly is behind GoaltyLife. Well, my name is John and I'm the one behind it all.

I started playing Goaltimate in college, and that's when I built my first Goaltimate Kit. Like most people I went to Home Depot and built my kit out of PVC. It did the job, but there was definitely room for improvement. I've spent many, many hours (probably too many) building custom Goaltimate Kits that are more durable, more stable, and lighter than what I could find elsewhere. I also hoped to create something that looked and felt like an official kit. 

The GoaltyLife Kits you'll find here are a culmination of all my design improvements over the years. Each GoaltyLife Kit is hand built and tested by me before I send it to you. This is something I do in my spare time in hopes that I can get more people playing Goaltimate, and to give back to the community I fell in love with.