How To Play

Goaltimate has the same rules as Ultimate Frisbee, with a few additional twists... 

  1. Play 4v4 with hockey style subbing
  2. Stall count is 5 seconds
  3. Scoring is one point, but two points if thrown from behind the clear line
  4. Turnovers change possession and must pass it back to the clear zone
  5. Clearing is "make it take it" style after a score
  1. One way when passing through the hoop
  2. Picks are allowed
  3. Three seconds are allowed in the endzone for an offensive player 
  4. Goaltending is not allowed (defender within 10 feet of offensive player to remain in endzone)
  5. Game length is either timed or played to 5


For a more complete rule set and recommended field dimensions check out USAGoaltimate. For now, see what it actually looks like to play below!